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Hotusa Hotels Official Site. The first European chain of independent hotels
2.500 hotels in over 50 countries trust us with their representation since 1977.
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Services for Hotels

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Hotusa is an organization completely oriented toward administering Services for independents hotels and small hotels group with the purpose to allow them disposing all the services of a big hotel group.

Our range of hotels are presented at the market as the first independent hotel chain in Europe, the service model of Hotusa Hotels is constantly being improved by adapting to new trends.

The continuous optimization of our structure becomes a complete
proposal for our hotels around the world. In addition, the knowledge
gained on over 30 years of upward trajectory, allows to transfer
the best practices, alliances, tools and knowledge to each and
every one of the more than 2330 hotels that are now part of
Hotusa Hotels.

We have a solution for each hotel, depending on their
commercial, distribution and marketing services interests,
as well as a type of externalization in line with the individual
objectives of each establishment.

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