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Privacy and Security


As a result of registry as a user of the, the user accepts that the personal data supplied by him/her or that may be supplied at a future date through use of the said service, be subjected to processing in a personal data file, the sole responsible party of which is HOTUSA HOTELS SA, domiciled to this effect at C/Princesa, 58, pral, Barcelona Spain

Supply of the requisite data for registry is obligatory unless otherwise specified on the registry form, while HOTUSA HOTELS SA  may refuse registry to persons who do not supply such data. Likewise, the user is informed that for the contracting of the products and services offered, HOTUSA HOTELS SA must necessarily communicate this personal data to the suppliers of the products and services chosen, who will be obligated to the usage of this data solely and exclusively for the performance of the object of the contract.

Likewise and in relation to Article 34.e) of the “Ley Orgánica” (Law) 15/1999 of 13 December concerning the protection of data of a personal nature, the user gives his/her consent forHOTUSA HOTELS SA to transfer this data to the addressees and in the terms and conditions as described earlier, to destinations in any part of the world, including those that do not offer a degree of protection equal to that of the LOPD (Law). Consent given by the user for the processing and transfer of personal data may be revoked at all times, requiring a written communication to the party responsible for the computer file, as described above. Finally, the user is advised that his/her personal data shall be treated confidentially and kept in network servers in compliance with the requisites established by Spanish law in respect of data protection.

HOTUSA HOTELS SA possesses technology of the highest level of security in data protection for credit card processing. Likewise, all international regulations in this regard are complied with.

All sections in whichHOTUSA HOTELS SA requests private information use SSL communication protocol. This means that the information that travels via Internet from your computer to our network server is codified, making it undecipherable for any non-authorized person. This technology ensures and guarantees that your data cannot be intercepted, manipulated or falsified in any way. By this means, payment by Internet is nowadays as safe as a direct purchase.

What does SSL mean?

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is standard security technology in Internet. It applies an encrypted codification system that provides maximum confidentiality with regard to the data transmitted to us. Thus, any illicit entry or interception in the system while the data is circulating through Internet is prevented. For greater security, this data is stored in a safe network server protected by a constantly activated firewall.

General Privacy conditions from Hotusa Hotels SA

- BOOKING THROUGH THE WEBSITE: Each book can only include a maximum of 4 rooms, for reasons of availability. In case you need more than 4 rooms should call to our call center in order to confirm the booking. In no case shall be valid reservations or reserve amounts more than 4 rooms made by the same agency at the hotel around the same time. For reasons of availability in real time that may occur between the request for availability and the response of our central server (3-4 seconds) had finished rooms shown as available (while accessing the DB over)

- GUARANTEED RESERVATIONS: The concept of guaranteed reservation means that the reserve will be maintained to the client ALL NIGHT, so if the client does not arrive, you also will charge the amount of one night. Be considered first night until 09.00h the following day. (In some exceptional cases due to events or certain type resort hotels could be that they were spending more than one night before booking and also written confirmation) NO GUARANTEE The reserve has any effect at 18:00 hours. If the customer arrives later at the hotel. They will not keep your reservation.

-GROUPS: When booking more than 7 rooms, can be treated as a group booking, with power to decide whether the hotel cancellation policy applies, deposit or contract signing.

- TAXES: Reservations confirmed by Hotusa include a country's overall tax (VAT or similar). Excluding local taxes in some destinations. For example: France Taxe de Sejour, Amsterdam local rate, Morocco.

- CLAIMS: Must be communicated immediately and Hotusa writing within one month after the end of the service. Hotusa After this time no commitment to meet any claim.

- ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS: The choice by travel agencies to operate their reserves through Hotusa SA on the acceptance by them of all conditions contained herein, as well as governing themselves in each of the destinations served by our organization.

Best Price Guarantee

Here at we want to offer our clients the best prices on the market, and so we want to guarantee that booking your hotel on our website you will find the best price possible.
We are convinced that our prices are the best, and for this reason, our guarantee leads us to even take on penalties if we are unable to fulfill our guarantee in any case.
We have come up with a system to back up our commitment. It is easy, comfortable, and totally transparent, and any client can easily test it.

Conditions of the “ Best Price” Guarantee

• Clients must book at
• We give clients who have booked at our website a period of 2 hours* maximum from the time of confirmation of the booking they have made to let us know that the hotel that they have booked, with the same type of room and food plan, and under the same booking conditions, is available at a more economic price on the market, whether through another operator, an on-line travel agency, or directly through the hotel.
• To accredit it, simply send a screen image or other documentation that will allow our operations department to verify that it is really possible to book at a lower price than that obtained at to the e-mail address or to the fax number +34902932219.
• If it is truly accredited that the price offered is not the best price available on the market, under the conditions set out above, we will apply the same price.
• This guarantee is not valid for: group bookings, rates negotiated for companies, early-booking rates with discounts for purchasing early, or any other rate with booking conditions different than those offered by Hotusa Hotels.
*Note: We grant a prudential margin of 2 hours due to frequent oscillations (both rising and falling) in hotel rates, obligating us to update our prices with this frequency.


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